Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday. Please check your scholar's assignment notebook for daily assignments. Scholars should be reviewing number facts, spelling, and vocabulary on a nightly basis. In addition to any homework sent home, scholars should be reading for at least 20 minutes a day, and spending 20 minutes on IXL. Scholars are responsible for their own homework assignments.

At times, scholars may come home with more work than is written in their assignment notebooks. The reason for this is that some scholars may not choose to use their class time wisely. They are responsible for their own work. In this unfortunate consequence, unfinished class work will be sent home to be completed.

 If your child is absent, they have two days to return the missed work. Please let me know if your child is having any difficulty with the assignments.

Homework assignments will be updated on the blog.

*Week of January 8, 2017*

Monday: Math sheet
Spelling sentences


Wednesday: Math Sheet



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